And Now for Something Completely Different

— or maybe not?

The plants are temporarily out of the picture, but I’m still feasting on the extraordinary beauty of my totally unremarkable, ordinary life

collage on convas (80 x 80 cm)
process image
process image – detail

The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.

Thomas Moore

studio – to give an idea about size

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  1. It is very wise indeed to notice with thanks the reality of each moment. as your post notes so beautifully and eloquently.

  2. c m wilson says:

    Sigrun, I wish you wouldn’t say you have a very ordinary life! From what I know of your background as an art critic, that is far from ordinary! I love this work! Carla

  3. Chris Lovie-Tyler says:

    Love this.

  4. pflanzwas says:

    There is this saying: less is more and you show it! We often forget how worthy “ordinary” things are. Great picture! I love the colours 🙂

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