Against better judgment – (The worst thing a painter can do is flowers … part 3)

Rendering flowers

Anthriscus sylvestris – cow parsley – Queen Anne’s lace – Hundekjeks – Wiesen-Kerbel

Another vernacular name,’ Mother die’, was used to frighten children into thinking that if they picked cow parsley, their mother would die. This was intended to deter children from potentially picking deadly hemlock.

Ghost print

The monoprint is a form of printmaking where the image can only be made once, unlike most printmaking which allows for multiple originals.

Gelli printing

A monoprint is not an editioned print but is rather a series of prints that share a common skeleton but which are each unique in the way that they have been completed.

Ghost print, print, plant on print plate

The beauty of monoprinting lies in its spontaneity and its allowance for combinations of printmaking, painting and drawing media.

Charcoal rubbing

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  1. bluebrightly says:

    These are terrific, Sigrun. It’s fun to see the video showing that magical feeling you have when you’re pulling a print.

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