The worst thing a painter can do is flowers … part 2

Challenging my own prejudices …

Charcoal in A3 sketchbook
Drawing a juicy peony with a sharp knitting needle
No colours – just lines scratched into paper

Tuesday morning I had the great pleasure to participate in the launch of Chloe Briggs’ new Patreon site (more info here). Our task was to draw/paint a big flower of our choice. The session was divided into shorter timed sections, where we were asked to look for different qualities in our flower, working with a range of tools.


I’m least happy with my watercolour version – I have yet to figure how to do raw in this soft and fluid medium.

On the other hand I find the scratched drawings extremely exciting! Being an avid knitter, I’m surprised I haven’t tried the knitting-needle as tool a long time ago??!!!

Peony portrait – scratched and covered in soft pastel

I really have to compensate for this delayed discovery in the weeks to come!

Ant & plant

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  1. bluebrightly says:

    These are terrific. Have you seen the plant drawings of Elsworth Kelly? Your knitting needle drawings have a similar quality to his drawings – direct and bold.

    1. Sigrun says:

      Thank you! Yes, I have seen his work a long time ago. Will have to go back now that you’ve mentioned him 😉

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