Swimming, etc. …

This week, I must admit, has been mainly about family & about swimming . We are having an early holiday, and the temperature in the Mediterranean sea is on its way up …

Platja L’Olla, Altea, early morning

But I have also manage to put in a tiny bit of painting and sketching. I’m still not to excited by working in gouache instead of acrylics, I miss the transparency & plasticity, and I really miss all my colours; all kinds and shades of blues, reds and yellows … And to be honest, for a woman used to wind and rain, it’s a bit too hot here for har work – .

Gouache & charcoal on A3 paper

But I have come to understand that restriction (just as in life in general) can be eye-opening; it makes you aware of what you miss (and so hopefully makes you appreciate it more when you have it around), and limitations can also spur innovation and creativity. But it’s a fine balance… A good studio, in my mind, should contain a multitude of materials and options, many more than you ever want to use in a given day.

Gouache & charcoal on A2 paper

Hopefully some of the sketches can become starting points for new paintings when I’m back in my studio.

For now — I’ll let swimming be my main focus …

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  1. Those pictures look great, I love those colours. 😀 It is good to try different things I agree. 😀 Have a lovely holiday.

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