On speed & stamina

Here is something interesting I just read today:

When you paint, you have to be quick. Even if it is not turning out very well, it is always better than going slowly. You must bring the energy of your entire existence into the picture.


(also worth mentioning is that Mme Gilot still painted every day at the age of 90 …)

Here is what we get told: She always begins her work at dawn, still in her pajamas and slippers.

When you are wearing your nightclothes, you are not so critical. Sometimes the critic in me perches on my shoulder like a bird. But reason is no friend to the artist. You don’t necessarily need it when you work. To paint, you need passion. You must get into the rhythm and chase the bird of doubt from your shoulder.

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  1. Ooo, very useful to know, thank you. 😀 How inspiring. 😀

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