… in April?!!!

on the terrace

Better make spring come alive indoors …

Getting ready for my next still life

I’ll better just accept it; I’m never gonna be a tidy person –

And maybe some day this ingrained messiness can be of some use – at least as a good working title for my next project? I already have an idea: “What a mess!!!”? A fine & fun title, wouldn’t you agree???

But first I have to finish my current series, the still growing and appropriately(???) named: “Spring cannot be cancelled”.

Works on paper & birch panel

Better not start thinking about future projects before this one is brought to its finish line.

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  1. pflanzwas says:

    Your mess looks rather tidy compared to my mess 😉 Maybe we need a part of chaos for our creativity? I love the spring colors here and hope that the snow will be history soon. All the best for your current project, which looks fine!

    1. Sigrun says:

      😂 yes, I agree – there is never too tidy around me when I’m in flow. Wish you a good easter 🐣 ❤️

      1. pflanzwas says:

        😁 Thank you, I wish you a Happy Easter too🌷🌸🌷

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