Drawing is Free

Monday morning I attended (for the first time) a “Drawing is Free session”, hosted by Chloe Briggs at @drawingisfree_org The “Drawing is Free” sessions (free and open for all) is a digital workshop where people come together to draw. There is no teacher, but the host, Chloe Briggs, organize it so that the participants take part modelling in turn. Every pose (portrait) lasts the length of a song from Chloe’s playlist. The whole session lasts only for an hour (9-10 Central European Time (CET)), and so is easy to fit in also for people with rather full schedules. 

In my first session I decided to go with my non-dominant hand (less control is (as always) the goal…) I also restrained myself regarding materials, using only water-soluble Derwent Inktense blocks. I’ve never worked with them before, and so used this as an opportunity to get a feeling of what I can do with them. 

I liked the Inktense, and I loved the session! People rarely show up in my art, so this joyful experience came as a pleasant surprise. 

For anyone looking for a creative way to start a new week, have a look at:


For those of you interested in drawing I will also highly recommend the Sunday prompts from Draw with Debbie: https://www.instagram.com/drawwithdebbie/

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  1. cynthia says:

    Sigrun, I was thinking about you recently. I adore these faces. Just adore them. I looked at all of them first and then read your words. What a fascinating process.

    1. Sigrun says:

      Thank you, Cynthia. This transition into visual art has given me so much joy, a true gift!

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