Notes for a new week

wild mark making – acrylic paint on paper, non-dominant hand

I have this praxis of writing morning pages (the Julia Cameron way). I have done them on and off for many years. I do them first thing in the morning. I write by hand in a room lit only by candles (– this to try to fool my inner critic to believe I’m still sleeping …)

Sometimes I fill my pages with dreams, other days I write my worries. Some mornings I write boring resumés, and some days I ask myself questions to see if my sleepy self can come up with better & more amusing ideas.

Today I asked my morning pages for suggestions regarding how to continue my “intuitive mark making” process — and in the back of my mind I also have a bigger, more philosophical question to sort out, namely: Why is the ‘old-fashioned’ genre of still life so important to me???

wild mark making – charcoal on paper, non-dominant hand

This is the guidance I got:

(The sleepy teacher in me helped me make a list 😇)

  1. I will go on making my quick marks on paper (at least for another week), using paper hinders me jumping into the ‘produce a nice painting’ mode.
  2. Do Joe Packer’s online class Organic Structures- Spatial Experiments in Collage, to help me find new ways of loosening up (Emily Ball).
  3. Work on my own mark making alphabet – a concertina?
  4. Regarding the philosophical side of things, I will start a longer journey into studying the still life genre, to try to find out more about why I find it so attractive. (A quest like this will hopefully keep my logical brain busy for a while – stopping it from interfering too much in my art making)

Oh – the joy of lists!

wild mark making – acrylic paint on paper

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  1. bluebrightly says:

    #4 made me smile – keeping your logical brain busy so it doesn’t interfere with your art. 🙂 These marks are striking, I enjoyed seeing them! The second brings to mind Ellsworth Kelly’s line drawings of plants. The interior spaces of the flower and leaves breathe!

    1. Sigrun says:

      Thank you so much! One often suppose intuition is easy, but it isn’t! At least not in a world so focused on rational thinking as ours.

      1. bluebrightly says:

        True enough. 🙂

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