Playing around in negative space

I have found making acrylic sketches in my sketchbook to be so freeing – having no focus on outcome makes experimenting a lot easier

This week I have been working on a challenge given by Debbie Mackinnon

first move — pouring colours onto my pages (I haven’t been using green in my pallet for a long time, here I wanted to see what happened if I did)

Debbie: “There can be no positives without the negative and so this week is all about finding, exploring and creating exciting negative spaces in your work. Those ‘spaces in between’ are critical to making exciting drawings. It forces us to look harder at the spaces or the ‘nothingness’ and see more, not drawing what we think we know…DRAW NOTHING!”

studio setup

See instagram @drawwithdebbie for more

Not painting the shapes but the space around

Exploring negative spaces is a fantastic exercise when working with still life. It’s easy to forget that the final result, the finished painting, is totally reliant on how you let positive and negative space play together and oppose one another. Negative space is in other words just as important as the object you choose to depict.

Negative space was Debbie’s challenge for week 3, I might stop up here for a while … still so much more to test out –

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  1. Dear Sigrun,

    This is gorgeous work! You inspire me! xoS

    Suzi Banks Baum Learn about my work at Instagram @suzibb

    I respond to emails twice a day. Please text me at 413 429 1799 if your need is urgent.

    Daily creative practice stills the chaos.


    1. Sigrun says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by, and for this wonderful feedback. Happy Sunday!

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