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“Culture is not a territory to be won or lost but a resource we are called to steward with care. Culture is a garden to be cultivated.”

Makoto Fujimura

‘Cultivating the garden?!’, ‘what antiquated nonsense’, you might say … ‘Isn’t it all supposed to be gender-race-political-eco-art these days?’

And of course: If these are the things that make you tick, if delving into contemporary art and the politics of ecology, if the intersection of art criticism, politico-ecological theory, environmental activism and postcolonial globalization is what makes you feel most alive — then do it. If discourses of eco-aesthetics in geopolitical areas really is your place, then go there!  

Fish Still Life Blue (1982) William Scott

If not, find out what is, or does

or in the words of Jasper Johns re-imagined by Jerry Saltz:

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  1. I’m cultivating the garden…and, at times, I am lying fallow…

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