«A world of ice»

In April I started a small series of paintings, all 30 x 30 cm, on cradled wood panels. From the very beginning there was this feeling of something frozen, of ice and snow showing up. I say “show up”, because that what themes do in my paintings. For me one of the greatest surprises turning to paint have been just this, to discover to which degree paintings themselves steer the processes of becoming. As a painter you are really only partly responsible for the outcome of your own making.

«Skating to Antarctica» mixed media on wood

I paint every day, but a lot of my painting time is occupied by looking. Staring at my panels without thinking. Observing without noticing. Then suddenly I am moved to do something. Where this impulse to alter, change or rework comes from, and how the decision regarding next move is made, I really couldn’t say.

I am finishing this series now — not because I regard it as finalized or complete, but because this is as far as I get,

for now.

And I have new paintings to make …

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