Elisabeth Cummings

The Australian artist Elisabeth Cummings (born 1934), it is said, almost exclusively paints what she sees; landscape, still life and very occasionally portrait. But one must admit she has a very peculiar & unique vision, a very-very original way of seeing.

Cummings’ paintings are intimate, emotive and require the viewer to take time to interrogate the network of lines and shapes that come together to form the composition.

 Cummings’ world is as much an interior as an exterior world, a world filled with magical connections and lines of flight.

Elisabeth Cummings at work

And her sense of colour … exquisite!

My fascination for Cummings, I have to admit, is rooted not only in my adoration of her work, but also has to do with the admiration for her – for this woman, now an elderly lady, making such wonderful fresh & vibrant art.

No wonder Elisabeth Cummings‘ work can be found in the collection of all major public institutions throughout Australia – but I do really hope someone would put together a grand show of her work also here in Europe. This is an artist whose work we all deserve to see – live.

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