Chuta Kimura


The discovery of a new painter is like the discovery of a new world

“I would like someday to make a pilgrimage to Clos-Saint-Pierre, but only because the marvellous drawings of it by the Japanese painter Chuta Kimura so enchant my vision that I cannot take my eyes of them when I see them.” 

— Arthur Danto

In 1953, the painter Chuta Kimura (1917-87) departed from Yokohama in a Dutch ship and, two months after arriving in Marseille, took up residence in Paris. From that time until his death in 1987 he stayed in France and continued to produce work pursuing light.

It’s difficult to find any subsantial information about the artist Kimura online. But there are many images of his work. And they are all striking – like fireworks – it seems Kimura painted landscapes like a spiritual impressionist, a naive colorist … like a mirthful juggler.


Summer in the Pyrenees (1978)

I hope someone some day can give us the life of work of Kimura in a more comprehensive way than this – …

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