Short report from «The 100 day project»

I have completed my first 20 days of the 100 day project … and my biggest surprise so far, is that I’m really enjoying it! I must admit it takes quite a lot of time, but what happens is that I discover things I would not have noticed in a less persistent praxis. Again and again I discover prints I thought hopeless and ugly can almost magically transform through just one more layer of colour. And I also see that many of my most successful prints are ghost prints, prints taken from leftovers on the printing plate. As with all other art, I discover that also prints are at their best when one allows for accidental and spontaneous things to happen within a set perimeter.

Short project description:
Make & post a gelliprint every day for 100 days (#the100dayproject2021)
Subject: Ferns found on my daily walks
Substrate: pages from The Great Naturalists
Title: Accidental words or a sentence found somewhere on the sheet I’m printing on

I have made I slight shift starting from day 21, more about that in my next report  –

4 Comments Add yours

  1. G.S. says:

    nice. great going!

  2. bluebrightly says:

    Good for you and thank you for sharing these. I really like them. And yes, accidents are good but so are limits!

  3. pflanzwas says:

    I admire you for your power! I did some printings with a Gelplate and my experience was the same: the ghostprints from color-leftovers were the best or the accidental ones. Very nice your prints!

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