Reduction lino


At this moment in my artistic development it is all about Learning New Skills. To help me along I have taken several online classes. One of them being a class called THE DRAWN PRINT from The Royal Drawing School, London.  

These are prints made in week 3 – where we focused on reduction prints.

lino-plate, sketch, print on white Japanese paper, print on brown craft paper

Reduction lino prints are printed from one piece of lino, cutting it again for each new colour in your design. All the prints for an edition have to be printed before you move on to the next colour because once the lino is recut you can’t make any more. The technique is a great way to produce a multi coloured print from one block. However, as you ‘reduce’ the lino you can’t get it back and reprint the colour – hence being also known as the ‘suicide print!’

first print – on Japanese hand made paper

For me the most difficult part of the process was to get print two to line up perfectly with print one. Even if I had a registration form, not all of my prints are good enough matches. 

two colour print on light weight Japanes paper

I love the craft involved in the process, and the naïve look of the final prints. And I really love the fact that I can make something like this at home, in my own studio without any printing press!

two-colour print on ordinary brown craft paper

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  1. bluebrightly says:

    What a great print you made, with a process that sounds like it requires a considerable amount of planning and visualization. I love the look of it – as you said, he naive quality, which also comes from your drawing, so cheerful and straightforward. The colors are appealing, too. You know, sometimes that tiny bit of misalignment on this type of print adds to the charm.
    Thanks for explaining the process. I’ve done a tiny amount of printmaking, many years ago, and I never really understood this. You explained it very well (in words AND images!).

    1. Sigrun says:

      Thank you so very much for visiting, and for taking time to respond! I’m working with an ink called ” Caligo safe wash ink” which is oil based and washable – which means you only need soap and water to clean your tools. It makes the whole process of printing at home so much easier! So if you ever want to have a new go at printmaking, try out this “newish” ink.

  2. There beautiful, Sigrun.

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