by Karen Head

The young possum foraging
outside my office window
seems unconcerned by my presence—
after all, I’m the one who’s trapped.
I snack on almonds, watch
it nibble whatever it can find,
and though I am inclined to share,
I know that opening the window
will change the world.

Karen Head lives in Georgia, and possums seem to live all over America. Head’s most recent book is Lost on Purpose, published by Iris Press in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

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  1. We have a possum who sometimes visits the patio under the birdfeeder of an evening and helps herself to leftover sunflower seeds. I have a feeling she (and perhaps a neighborly raccoon) gets into our trash cans now and then, too. But she also eats many grubs and ticks. So we find her kind mostly beneficial, and we share.

    1. Sigrun says:

      Dear Ann, hope you are ok in these strangest of times ❤️

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