A story about immersion and subtraction

or: What I gleaned from spending 5 wonderful days painting under the supervision of Liz Hough at St. Ives School of Painting, a visual report:

Becoming nature —

Landscape analysis, section – St. Ives

The first step has to do with immersing oneself into what is already there; walk around, sit down, feel the wind, notice the short glimpses of bright sunlight trickling down in-between the showers of hard rain,



sketch –

Landscape analysis, plan – St. Ives
Texture analysis, St. Ives

Becoming art —

The next step is to find a way out – letting remnants of what once was (a strong view, a vague feeling, a swift sound) find its own language in new material.

It takes time,

more time –

Gradually the material takes on a life of its own, all I can do is let things happen…

— listening for new stories, looking for new landscapes.

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  1. bluebrightly says:

    It was clearly a great workshop. I like the landscape analyses, the collage(s) and the way you summed it up in words, too.

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