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  1. Rio says:

    It is really hard to explain decisions that do not lead you to full time work and that might be the rub, you are isolated; sometimes because you do not have the company of co-workers for a number of hours everyday, but equally because it is hard to explain what you “do”. There is even a bit censure, moral indignation and such, unless you are old, then it seems to be more acceptable. And if you feel you are successful without the outward displays of success: possessions, cars, homes, clothes, travel, and these days, lots of wellness stuff, you are just considered “a bit beyond the pale”, touched, nuts, odd, eccentric.
    “But how can you not want what I am making myself miserable to get?” has always been the question that those who are miserable tend to ask and its not good. Best talk about anything else.

  2. Sand says:

    Lol. That was me as a child too! I love the perspectives Austin shares. ❤

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