What art can do …

Elaine Reichek, “Absence (Elena Ferrante)” (2016)

Good art activates both heart & mind. Its a dualisme not always well reflected in contemporary conceptual art. We often see art drowning in its own philosophical – or; as is more & more the case today – political slogans.

I do definitively understand the need for political revolt; but for the artist the uttering is not enough in itself; something has to be added (or maybe subtracted) for a statement to become art.

And sometimes nothing is more radical than the seemingly conservative.

For more on the artist, go to: Elaine Reichek

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  1. bluebrightly says:

    Yes, way too much empty political sloganeering going on these days, and that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be aware. We need something for the mind and something for the emotions; too much art has neither.
    The videos were good, thank you. I liked “the temporal has slippage for me…” And literacy in script allowing access to the past – I hadn’t thought about it. But like an animal species, I suppose it is becoming endangered.
    Why didn’t I know about her, I wonder? I like the early work on her website, and especially her straightforward, unpretentious descriptions of the work. The early work is great. I appreciate the autobiographical element. Postcolonial Kinderhood is fascinating – did you see the linen towels embroidered “JEW”? Wow.
    Thank you!

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