Sometimes life is like a patch of wild grace …

Positive thinking, according to Josh Cohen, always assures us that we can be more, that we can do more, that we can achieve and attain more. This is supposed to be empowering. It’s supposed to make us feel very good about our own capacities. But in fact, it sets us up against an ideal of ourselves, in the face of which we always feel inadequate, and against which we’re always falling short of.

So maybe next time you feel your self-esteem tumbling downwards, rather than pull yourself together – why don’t you try this:

do nothing – muse all day long without order and sequence …

Bob and Roberta Smith – Secret to a Good Life: Get a Good Pencil, (2018)

Bob and Roberta Smith is the pseudonym of the artist Patrick Brill. Born in London, he studied at the University of Reading from (1981-1985) and Goldsmiths College (1991). He trained as a sign painter in New York and uses text as an art form, creating colourful slogans on banners and placards that challenge elitism and advocate the importance of creativity in politics and education.

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  1. Rio says:

    love this! in my satchel, right this minute I have a 3b and a pencil sharpener and some plain paper, just knowing that can make me feel better, looking really looking the way you do when you draw, is a great way to get out of my head, not always a nice place to be.

  2. pflanzwas says:

    I agree with your thouhgts, this advice can help us, but it can put us under pressure too. And the sentence “do nothing – muse all day long without order and sequence …” That is so true and important and often it is the hardest thing of all 🙂

  3. bluebrightly says:

    Yes and yes again to your title, and amen to social media shaming, in whatever form it takes.

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