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  1. Rio says:

    I don’t think I agree with Mr. Sedaris and as per usual I read the line incorrectly at first as “There ARE A FEW real joys”. Ooops. There are many draw-backs to aging but I have found there are a few, very real joys.
    Acquiring a guest room speaks of many things, some of them financial, years of acquiring security, home and friends and the sucessful launch of “no-longer-a-child” children, but they don’t compare to the joys I am finding, and I am past middle-age: Being less observed and more observing, less needing and more appreciating, and feeling less expectation and more love.

  2. Gunta says:

    We are working on a house we bought recently in order to fix it up to our liking. We have intentionally left the “guest” room and the “living” room to be finished at some later time. It’s what introverts do! 😀

    1. Sigrun says:

      ☺️ clever!

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