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  1. Ward Mertens says:

    I’m having similar thoughts when I wander through my garden these days.

  2. I think we need both art and nature. That’s a beautiful natural collage.

    1. Sigrun says:

      yes, you are right, absolutely
      but still;
      there is a kind of almost healing peacefulness in nature that I find nowhere else. Now I guess art’s role isn’t to give us peace of mind … but sometimes I think a stronger focus on beauty, also in contemporary art, would do us all good.

  3. I agree. Nature is definitely what brings me peace, healing, and sanity in a world gone mad. Art does that, too, occasionally. But sometimes it shakes me awake to action. Interesting to think about!

  4. bluebrightly says:

    I’d be unhappy without art….but more so without nature; without nature, there’ be no point to life. But I do love having art in my life!

  5. It is really lovely how amazing nature is. Just sitting in a meadow and looking at the variety around you is stunning.

  6. pflanzwas says:

    Art can be the pure joy and the attempt to repeat the beauty of nature again and again. How else can we express our joy and our respect for nature. Maybe we don’t need it, but we would miss it. No, I think we need it 🙂

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