things i do for love

studying the colors of the world – or to be more precise: (and a little less pretentious) the colors of winged maple seeds (samaras) this is where I start – a twig of winged maple seeds .. this is what i’ve got to help me – Van Gogh travel kit, 12 panes .. this is…

things I do for love

regarding sketching: the more you do, the better it feels – just try it!  

listening to trees

from the opening of The White Room, by Charles Simic The obvious is difficult To prove. Many prefer The hidden. I did, too. I listened to the trees. They had a secret Which they were about to Make known to me– And then didn’t.

The Canterbury Tales

My re-discovered love for sketching has taken me to England for the weekend. Here I have “landed” in a fantastic workshop called Evoking a Sense of Place, led by Simone Ridyard & Pat Southern-Pearce Urban Sketchers   The world is full of magic!