Month: June 2017

Finally some good news:

I’d like to think I can represent all those artists who heroically have kept going and are successful, but are not recognised or acclaimed. —Phyllida Barlow Can it be true, as some say: Old women are replacing young men in the art world  We can at least hope! After having been overlooked for decades, the…

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Think and Do

I always have to be doing something, accomplishing some- thing, fixing something, going somewhere, feeling purposeful, useful, competent—even coughing, as I just did, gives me the satisfaction of having “just cleared something up.” The phone bill arrives and minutes later I’ve written the check. The world starts to go to war and I shout, “Hey,…

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For a Moment

by Ron Padgett It’s funny how if you just let go of things they will come to you. That is to say sometimes. So what good is such a generalization? Ah, it makes you feel good to say such things from time to time, as if you actually and really and truly knew something! “For…

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