The Art of Seeing

I am an art critic, which means I spend a lot of time looking —

IMG_0180Breidablikk, Stavanger

— seeing, watching, gazing, staring, squinting ….; trying to take in what’s really there, in front of my eyes. 30 years ago I went to study architecture for a few years. I drew a lot at this time, but then I stopped. That is: I started channeling my creativity in different directions.


A few weeks ago the desire to draw suddenly resurfaced. By chance I discovered the wonderful web-community Sketchbook Skool, and here I am, after a 30-year long sabbatical, once again immersing myself in the art of drawing.


It’s so much FUN – I really can’t understand why I ever stopped … and since drawing is a practice in seeing; it might – if I’m lucky –  also make me a better critic.



Here is a sketch I did this morning. I am now about to add some water-colour to it = moving FAR BEYOND my comfort zone …


For some really wonderful urban sketching, have a look at the work of Nina Johansson.


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  1. I would love to get back to drawing again, myself! So I am glad to see you taking it on! Very nice–good luck with getting out of your comfort zone.

    1. Sigrun says:

      If you want to give it a go, have a look here:

  2. Laura Morgan says:


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