Edouard Louis

I have yet to read any of Edouard Louis’ books, but I still found this interview:

Fact or fiction: autobiographical novels with Édouard Louis – books podcast

very interesting & thought provoking. I’ve rarely heard any contemporary writer – or thinker – reflect in a clearer and more precise language on the relationship between identity and social structures, life and politics.

I especially like how he avoids simplifying people and social situations; listen – and you will understand what I mean …

Édouard Louis 1

Édouard Louis, born Eddy Bellegueule (1992), is a French writer & academic

  • En finir avec Eddy Bellegueule (2014), (Published in English as The End of Eddy)
  • Histoire de la violence (2016).

One thought on “Edouard Louis

  1. I was hoping there would be some comments because I would really like to know what others think of the article. I just finished reading “Teacher Man” by Frank McCourt and am now listening to the audio version of 1984 (I’ve never read it) and both books focus on identity and social structures.
    Most of my friends were from the east end of Toronto and went to trade schools and had, if not single parents, blue collar working parents, much to the dismay of my parents who believed that a higher education and being well read were paramount to being a worthwhile human being.
    For me school was a nightmare and reading difficult so it was nice to meet other youth who did things rather than thought and felt and rephrased things. I never finished high school.
    Identity is always a form of laxitude and so is always limited, but understanding context is really important if a society is going to be beneficial to its members. But if we are dependant on well established criteria (as found in institutions of learning) for what “context” is to be considered we are just as limited, more so because it is a sort of intellectual fascism where as laxitude is at least a symptom without an agenda.

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