Women’s History Month

Thank you Sherry Wiggins, for reminding me about the great work of Valie Export

Body Configurations by Valie Export (1972-76)

Arrangements of the body’s elements are postures, revelations, or expressions of inner states:

Valie Export 3At present I am mainly treating female postures from a feminist point of view and dealing with materials from the female environment, in order to thaw the imposed norms of the female bodily gestures, body language, and the associated function of the female body in our culture.
Valie Export 1

Valie Export 4

All images © VALIE EXPORT

Source: Why the body? Why Valie Export? – posted in Boulder March 12, 2017

Austrian artist VALIE EXPORT (b. 1940) is one of the most important pioneers in conceptual media art, performance, and film.