Month: February 2017


Lucky All this time, the life you were supposed to live has been rising around you like the walls of a house designed with warm harmonious lines.   As if you had actually planned it that way.   As if you had stacked up bricks at random, and built by mistake a lucky star. “Lucky”…

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Notes on Melancholy, part 4

In my first note on melancholy I quoted the following question raised by Jacky Bowring, she asked: How can things that are sorrowful be beautiful? Louise Glück’s First Snow is not a theoretical answer, but a wonderful demonstration of something deeply sorrowful becoming almost unbearably beautiful – First Snow  by Louise Glück  Like a child, the earth’s going to…

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This fear we call stress

Following the Road by Larry Smith from A River Remains. © Word Tech Editions, 2006.   I have left my wife at the airport, flying out to help our daughter whose baby will not eat. And I am driving on to Kent to hear some poets read tonight.   I don’t know what to do with…

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As far as consistency of thought goes, I prefer inconsistency. –John Cage Fan Ho – Construction, 1957 Photographer Fan Ho was born in Shanghai, China in 1931 and immigrated to Hong Kong in his teens where he then began to photograph the drama of city life, ranging from the teeming markets to desolate alleyways.

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