Visual notes on Helena Almeida

Sherry Wiggins making visual notes on Helena Almeida


1 Almeida-66 copy2 Face Hands _DSC6174 copy

above left: Helena Almeida, Pintura Habitada, 1977

above right: Sherry Wiggins, “test” not painted blue yet, 2015

The above image of Helena Almeida’s work from 1977 on the left is shown with an image that was taken of me in my studio in Boulder just before I left (that I have not printed and painted with blue yet.) This is part of my process of “getting in the mood” to be inspired by the work of Almeida. I use this process of copying Almeida’s gestures to get in a more performative space. This is part of what I want to learn from her. I like how she is subject in her own work. It breaks down notions of the self and authorship. It is both serious and there is lightness to it as well. I am not sure how far I will take using my own body in the work…

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