My year in pictures –

I have spent more time than usual taking pictures in 2016. I even treated myself to a new camera. Still I like best the images I have captured with my cell phone. And looking back I find this to be the one I like best:


I like the rawness and almost threatening quality of the tree in front. I like that the motif is almost—but not completely—symmetrical, and I like that there is almost a hint of gold in the leaves on the ground.

The technical quality would have been better with a proper camera, but I find that my way of looking changes when I have a camera around. It is as if the world fades a bit when I go into it with the intention of capturing it in images. What I am trying to say is approximately this; when I walk, lost not in thoughts but in sensations & perceptions of the world, I can suddenly see things/scenes/constellations & compositions I wouldn’t have discovered if I was actively searching.


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