My year in books – 

the statistical version 


Mary Ellen Bartley: Untitled 36 (From the series Paperbacks)

I set myself a goal of 75 books to read in 2016, just for fun – and because I had no idea how many books I would actually read in a year–now Goodreads can tell me the truth … I read 84 books in 2016:

And in addition, Goodreads has produced all kinds of delightful & totally useless statistics on my behalf, such as:

  • MY AVERAGE RATING FOR 2016 is 3.6
  • the LEAST POPULAR book I read was: Michelle Stuart: Drawn from Nature
    by Anna Lovatt, read only by 1 other person in 2016 (A higly recommendable book on the land art artist Michelle Stuart).
  • the HIGHEST RATED book I read was Chamber Music: The Poetry of Jan Zwicky by Jan Zwicky (A book which isn’t – I suppose – very widely read, but that fact (amount of readers) has (as usual) nothing to do with quality).

Conclusion: 2016 = good year for reading.

For more on the artist, head to: MARY ELLEN BARTLEY

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  1. Wow, that was an ambitious and well achieved target. I keep the same number every year 52, a book a week, like a kind of medicinal reminder, ’50 pages a day, keeps all sorts of shadows way’ 😉 I managed 55 and that was about the only interesting statistic Goodreads could tell me, the rest too bizarre! I did manage to read books by authors from 26 countries, and that was pure joy and discovery!

    Happy Reading for 2017!

  2. Sigrun says:

    Wonderful – medicinal reading, thats it!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Laura Morgan says:

    Holy moly, Sigrun! That’s impressive! I reckon I only read one or two books a month *blushes*

    I like that Goodreads gives you ‘stats’ though. I only joined a couple of weeks ago… Perhaps I need to set myself a goal for 2017…

    Happy Hogmanay from Scotland 🙂

    1. Sigrun says:

      Goal is set just for fun, and as Claire points out: a medicinal reminder …
      Godt Nyttår from Norway!

  4. Rio says:

    Good for you! Good Reads? I will check it out.

    I have been listening to audio books from the library because I can sew at the same time. Do those count?

    The last actual book I read took me two months but it was a science book, “Life’s Engines, How Microbes Made the Earth Habitable” by Paul G. Falkowski, really good. I found it a bit difficult but one I would like to try read again. Overall it feels comforting to learn that microbes are the true stewards of life on earth. Humans are just an interesting page in one volume of the collection. 🙂

    1. Sigrun says:

      YES: audiobooks count!

      Godt Nyttår from Norway!

  5. Wonderful!! I didn’t read that many, but feel happy that I managed to read more than usual. Happy 2017 Sigrun. 🙂

    1. Sigrun says:

      I am happy I found time for myself & the books, hope to do the same in the year to come …
      Wish you all the best, Godt Nyttår from Norway!

  6. Stefanie says:

    A good year indeed! I hope 2017 is off to a good start! Happy New Year!

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