Message for the Disheartened

Isn’t this just wonderful?!

Message for the Disheartened

When you are expecting nothing
a letter arrives
and someone decides for you.
Your arms fall to your sides,
your hands open.

You dress for the weather
in your gold moccasins
and prepare for long journeys
to distant countries.

The foxes who come out of the forests
stall before you but do not startle.
They are so beautiful,
full of spice and sugar.

Vines grow wildly around you
tangling your thoughts.
There are so many countries
you’ve never traveled to.

You’ve been keeping
to your own rooms
like a blanket stored
inside a closet

or an Egyptian mummy
or a room full of model ships.
In case you miss me,
keep moving through time

and I will arrive finally
in a black coat and top hat,
leaving my cane in the closet,
to open your inner pages

saying, after all, life
is sweet and not as dangerous
as you might think—though the thief
runs off with the child before help comes.

“Message for the Disheartened” by Patricia Fargnoli from Winter. © Hobblebush Books


ps: Photographs here and there by the Finish artist Janne Lehtinen.

Patricia Fargnoli, born in Hartford, Connecticut, earned a BA from Trinity College in Hartford and an MSW from the University of Connecticut School of Social Work. A retired psychotherapist, she began studying poetry in her mid-30s. Her first book, Necessary Light (Utah State University Press, 1999), was published when she was 62. Since then she’s published three additional books and three chapbooks. Her latest book, Winter(Hobblebush Books, 2013), was the runner-up for the Jacar Book Press. Then, Something(Tupelo Press, 2005) won the ForeWord Magazine Silver Poetry Book of the Year Award, and it was the cowinner of the New England Poetry Club’s Shelia Motton Book Award and an honorable mention for the Erik Hoffer Awards. Duties of the Spirit (Tupelo Press, 2001) won the 2005 Jane Kenyon Literary Award for an Outstanding Book of Poetry. 

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  1. One of my favourite poets – and people! Have you read Roofmen? From an earlier book.

    1. Sigrun says:

      This is my first Fargnoli – will read more! Thank you!

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