Poetry As Survival

Ars Poetica V (personal lyric, cont.)Poetry as Survival – postscript:


                                         It is difficult

to get the news from poems

                                                                    yet men die miserably every day                                

                          for lack

of what is found there.

— William Carlos Williams




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  1. Harold Rhenisch says:

    Poetry as resistance. With this passage Williams answered both Pound and Arendt, after Hiroshima. It is Williams’ greatest poem, but, alas, Celan, who found he couldn’t turn from this dark riddle so easily, died of it nonetheless. Sometimes I think he would have been better off outside of Paris, with its cultures of abstraction, but where could he have gone? The language followed him. Handke seems to have found the path, however, in a world of kaleidoscopic surfaces.

    1. Sigrun says:

      it’s understandable; nothing could release Celan from his traumas – even so he managed to give form to some of his darkness before he went – .

  2. Rio says:

    This made me think of Dogen’s version of “Painted Cakes do not Satisfy Hunger”. Better explained or explored than I could, I offer this link: http://sweetcakeenso.blogspot.ca/2011/10/painted-rice-cakes-and-absolute.html

  3. This touched me like a cool breeze.

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