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I read this interesting presentation of Svetlana Lilova’s : Metaphysical Dictionary (2016) over at Caroline’s a few days ago.  Metaphysical Dictionary is a collection of “sort-of-poems” with illustrations by Graham Falk. I say “sort-of-poems” because, as the title tells us, this is also a dictionary – and as a dictionary; a rather untraditional & personal one.

If everyone chose to write their own dictionaries, each dictionary would be different; for each of us, certain words possess personal emotional valence and associations. And any given person’s dictionary would likely be a time capsule of their personal experiences—of “what matters.”

Svetlana Lilova



I have not yet read Lilova’s book, but I find (and this might be an understatement) the idea of a personal dictionary extremely — alluring …

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  1. Caroline says:

    I’m so glad you’ve written about this. And thanks for the link. She deserves being discovered by more people.

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