Ars Poetica II

Reminded by a man of the word; I’m going in circles — here is thinking about Ars Poetica in 2012 … Confirming my own suspicion — one has to be a poet do carry it off – .

sub rosa

Still soaked in the world of Anne Carson

In ESSAY ON WHAT I THINK ABOUT MOST Carson dicuss the concept of ERROR (which is what she thinks about most) through a poem by the ancient Greek poet Alkman:

There are three things I like about Alkman’s poem.
The fourth thing I like
About Alkman’s poem
Is the impression it gives
of blurting out the truth in spite of itself.
Many a poet aspires
to this tone of inadvertent lucidity
but few realize it so simply as Alkman.
Of course his simplicity is a fake.
Alkman is not simple at all,
He is a master contriver –
or what Aristotle would call an “imitator”
of reality.
Imitation (mimesis in Greek)
is Aristotle’s collective term for the true mistakes of poetry.
What I like about this term
Is the ease with whish it accepts

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  1. Rio says:

    Now I am completely lost
    which might be better than partially lost,
    I don’t know.

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