Fern studies

A visual diary – my visual diary – is, like any other diary, mainly a recollection of ordinary things; fragments of everyday life, normal oddities. When out and about I’m not looking for the outstanding or exceptional, but for the extraordinary within the ordinary.DSC04665

Like for example a fern unrolling a young frond. There are an estimated 10-15,000 known species of ferns in the world, unfurling of ferns happens everywhere – all the time, still it looks like magic …

DSC04667Versjon 2

Here is Jeanne, writing about this remarkable everyday miracle:

Fern (Tanka)

Never tire of
the fern’s unfurling, rising
to follow the sun.
I wake from my winter sleep
emerging, doing the same

                                       — Jeanne


Versjon 2

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Caroline says:

    Beautiful post. I have a bit of a fern obsession. I just recently came across an interesting little book – The Victorian Fern Craze – about the Victorian’s fascination with ferns. Very interesting.
    Your photos are wonderful.

    1. Sigrun says:

      oh, thank you – Fern Craze, very tempting …

  2. Rio says:

    We used to eat them before they could unfurl. “Fiddleheads”. You had to be quick to pick them at the right stage: early morning, dewy air that smelt green, I’d be out in my p.j.’s picking them. There were always plenty that got missed and by summers end the back yard where we didn’t mow would be thick with them, a perfect place for fairy folk to rest from the heat.

    1. Sigrun says:

      wonderful! had no idea they could be eaten – how did they taste?

  3. Rio says:

    A lot of butter and garlic and anything is good! They are full of vitamins. I liked them, but they had to be young and tender. My kids ate them but the way they ate all their veg, with some cheese sauce and griping.

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