Such a fine find!


Following paths new to me, I came across something rather wonderful on my morning walk. Living by the sea I’m used to passing boathouses, and – if possible – I try to steal a glimpse inside.

Versjon 2DSC03401

But the shacks I encountered today were rather closed off, except for a few small gaps and cracks here and there.


Peaking inside, I first saw nothing but darkness,


but gradually, as my eyes accustomed to the darkness, something started to take shape, and to my surprised I discovered that one of the timeworn houses was packed with old wooden boats. Not only were they filling the floor, they were even hanging in ropes from the ceiling.

DSC03377Versjon 2DSC03388

Beautiful old wooden Faerings . Traditional. Why they are all are stacked inside this house I have no idea.

Faerings are clinker-built, with planks overlapped and riveted together to form the hull. This type of boat has a history dating back to Viking-era Scandinavia. The small boats found with the 9th century Gokstad ship resemble those still used in Western and Northern Norway, and testify to a long tradition of boat building.

A world of relative inaccessibility PHOTO Wanderlust

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  1. I have a friend who is a maker of wonderful wooden boats, lapped and clinker and at least one other kind. These are beautiful photos! I do love wooden boats, though I know they are not so practical anymore.

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