Just the other day I took my car on a trip south – to Fotland Mølle.

DSC02083Fotland Mølle is an industrial mill, built in 1845, at a site where grain had been ground since the 13th century. The new mill was placed above two existing mills, and a new water intake was made so that the same water flow could be utilized three times before being released back into the river.DSC02044The new mill made it possible to also start an industrial foundry at the spot.DSC02072In the waterfall leading to the mill there is constructed a fish ladder; a structure which enable fish – in this case salmon – to pass around the small fall by swimming and leaping up a series of relatively low steps, continuing into the river on the other side.DSC02077Fotland Mill was in operation until 1968. In 1995 the mill was reopened as a museum.DSC02056DSC02051

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