Where we think there is nothing to see



“If you undertake a walk, you are echoing the whole history of mankind, from the early migrations out of Africa on foot that took people all over the world. Despite the many traditions of walking—the landscape walker, the walking poet, the pilgrim—it is always possible to walk in different ways.”

— Richard Long

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  1. Beautiful landscape. Beautiful photography. Beautiful quote. I’m a walker (and observer), but I’ve never thought of walking as echoing the whole history of mankind. What a lovely thought.

    1. Sigrun says:

      Thank you & YES, it’s a wonderful thought, isn’t it – !

  2. Rio says:

    I often wonder if the game of G.O.L.F. wasn’t invented by an annoyed wife who wished a husband and friends would “take a walk”. But they needed incentive so she gave them a rock and stick and told them, “hit this rock with this stick and see how far it goes and then go find it and do it again.” When they finally made it home they were annoyed so they built a “course” so they wouldn’t get lost.

    1. Sigrun says:

      Ha! Marvellous idea!!!

  3. Bellezza says:

    I come from a family who has long believed in the benefits of walking, and indeed, as a child I walked everywhere. That was the time for thinking, and as you say in your post, for seeing what is quite often missed. I wish I could walk to work now, as an adult, slowing down to the pace of my walks as a girl.

    1. Sigrun says:

      Walking as a way of making (internal as well as external) space.

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