Awakening to this world


When I, a year ago yesterday, started my simple project AN IMAGE A DAY, I was – amongst other things – inspired by Cynthia Newberry Martin’s wonderful blog 365 TRUE THINGS . But instead of using my daily practice as a way of catching myself, I turned my gaze outwards. 

Versjon 3

What I have discovered this last year, is that the practice of taking pictures – every day – can become almost like a kind of meditation. In times of great stress, I grab my camera and saunter off into the world, forgetting my worries, letting my eyes lead the way. For people like me, the monkey-minded ones, it seems that focusing on the outer world through a camera lens can function as a way to become more mindful. Deepening myself in the world I forget myself –

Versjon 2

— at least for a little while.

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  1. cynthia says:

    Congratulations again, Sigrun, on completing a year of photos. I love the two you chose for this post, such different water in each one… you know how much I love water. Until you wrote about it earlier this morning, I hadn’t thought about how taking photos turns our gaze outward, away from stress and to-do lists, and settles us on something in the world. I appreciate the mention.

  2. Ren Powell says:

    Same reason I take a photo on my runs (when the sun allows). It is a way of slowing down. Bit ironic, isn’t it? Using technology in this way to escape technology’s speed?

    1. Sigrun says:

      Agree – a bit ironic to use technology to escape technology … but at the same time I must say I love the freedom this technology gives me – !

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