An Index of Possibility

Many thanks to Susan, who made me discover

An Index of Possibility by Robert Honstein

An Index of Possibility explores the secret world of sound in everyday objects. Using glass, wood, ceramic, homemade constructions, and cheap toys, Index unlocks a sonic palette exploding with color and variety. The music traverses a symphonic expanse, fluidly moving between ambient textures, visceral unisons and muscular virtuosity.

commissioned by TIGUE, Smoke and Mirrors, and Sonore Percussion


Robert Honstein (b. 1980) is a composer of orchestral, chamber, and vocal music.

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  1. Some similarities to Cage, I think. But a bit more melodic. (Reminds me of temple bells at first, then builds even more intriguing sonic structures). I love the gamelan sound near the end of the piece….and I recognize a radial-arm sawblade among the instruments. 😀

    1. Sigrun says:

      Yes, I also thought of temple bells. Very strange how such a wonderful sound can be made out of ordinary objects.

  2. Check out the Zeteo journal, and if you might be interested in writing something for us, . . . perhaps about the visual arts . . . ? Contact zeteojournal AT gmail. Cordially, William Eaton, Editor

    1. Sigrun says:

      Interesting, are you looking for reviews or essays? What’s the editorial process like?

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