The Nunnery

Higher Ground by Kate Gilmore, is a site specific performance featuring women in white dresses and red shoes, swinging on swings inside an empty house, painted very pink on the outside and lipstick red on the inside. The setting where the performance is taking place was once a private home, and was later used as a convent, a nunnery.

I find Gilmore is doing something very interesting with femininity in this project, the house is compelling but also kind of scary; are these angels or ghost swinging through the open windows? Somehow watching the video presentation of  the project made me think of Emily Dickinson – now I will have to try to figure out why …?

Kate Gilmore was born in Washington D.C. in 1975 and lives and works in New York, NY.Kate Gilmore has exhibited worldwide and is an associate professor of art and design at Purchase College, SUNY.

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  1. When I was a young woman, back in the 70’s I had an idea for an “installation” namely a hot pink Karmann Ghia with a red, fun fur interior. There was no way I could manage it, but I thought it spoke to my sex

  2. I will also investigate : what I’ve quickly read about Emily Dickinson – whom I just knew by name – caught me. I wait to read some of her poems and letters to say more about what I feel about your intuitive convergence, but once again you give me a path to follow 😉

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