window moment



a window moment

Jane Hirshfield: Many good poems have a kind of window-moment in them–a point at which they change their direction of gaze or thought in a way that suddenly opens a broadened landscape of meaning and feeling. Encountering such a moment, the reader breathes in some new infusion, as steeply perceptible as any physical window’s increase of light, scent, sound, or air. The gesture is one of lifting, unlatching, releasing; mind and attention swing open to newly peeled vistas.

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  1. m.a. wood says:

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    enjoyed this perspective

  2. m.a. wood says:

    re-blogged on teachnreach thanks

  3. Rio says:

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    well said, she should be a poet

  4. I am going to have to read that book! The quote that you chose is good for all artists to read.

    1. Sigrun says:

      Absolutely! Book highly recommended!


  5. What a poetical picture. Love, Micheine

  6. cynthia says:

    I love this quote. I didn’t see the name of the book it’s from? Also love the photo–did you take it?

      1. cynthia says:

        Thank you! Wouldn’t it be lovely to live inside that house and look out that window? Makes me wonder about the rest of the room : )

      2. Sigrun says:

        oh yes, a wonderful place to write – and to hike.

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