On Kawara—Silence

Today I really wish I was a New Yorker: From February 6 to May 3, 2015, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum will present the first comprehensive exhibition of the work of On Kawara (1933–2014), the broadest representation to date of his practice since 1963. On Kawara—Silence invites the viewer to consider a body of work that engages the nature and experience of time and place.

Kawara said very little about his art and preferred to leave much about it unexplained. He did, however, identify one central theme: human consciousness, an individual’s heightened awareness of his or her existence in the world. Kawara also said that a Date Painting represents a paradox—that each painting forever signifies the present by bearing the name and date of the day it was made, yet once the day is over, that present belongs only to the past.

ON KAWARA—SILENCE, Guggenheim NY, February 6–May 3, 2015

From the  museum:

Through radically restricted means, On Kawara’s work engages the personal and historical consciousness of place and time. Kawara’s practice is often associated with the rise of Conceptual art, yet in its complex wit and philosophical reach, it stands well apart. Organized with the cooperation of the artist,On Kawara—Silence will be the first full representation of Kawara’s output, beginning in 1964 and including every category of work, much of it produced during his travels across the globe.
On Kawara—Silence

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  1. I am unfamiliar with his work. Perhaps I will make a trek to the Guggenheim … but the museum fee is very steep! Still, I like the idea of “On Silence.”

    1. Sigrun says:

      hm – sad!
      I do believe a poet will find his work very touching.

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