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Great news:

My friend Michelle at Gwarlingo/Gwarlingo Press is launching a new series of limited-edition classic books, illuminated by contemporary artists, starting with twenty-five Grimm’s fairy tales.

We have a strong fairy-tale tradition in Norway. Best known are the folktales collected and published by Asbjørnsen & Moe (mid 19th century). The Norwegian folk tales have a strong romantic and nationalistic aura; they are filled with trolls, dramatic waterfalls, deep woods and steep mountains, i.e. lots of nature. Norwegian folk tales do not quite match the German aesthetics, they are exciting – but are rather rough.

My favorite Norwegian-tales illustrator is Theodor Kittelsen


Theodor Kittelsen: Skogtroll (1906)

The illustrations are a very important part of the total fairy tale experience. I’m really looking forward to see what Michelle’s artists have done for Grimm

brødrene grimm

The 1819 Edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

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  1. Oh, lovely!! Thank you! Fairy tales and folk tales are such an important part of a cultural heritage.

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