To write or not to write …

Sarah Thornton cont.:

Top 10 reasons NOT to write about the art market

1. It gives too much exposure to artists who attain high prices.
2. It enables manipulators to publicize the artists whose prices they spike at auction.
3. It never seems to lead to regulation.
4. The most interesting stories are libelous.
5. Oligarchs and dictators are not cool.
6. Writing about the art market is painfully repetitive.
7. People send you unbelievably stupid press releases (:))
8. It implies that money is the most important thing about art
9. It amplifies the influence of the art market.
10. The pay is appalling!

Levine Duchamp

Sherrie Levine (b. 1947), Fountain (Madonna), 1991. Cast bronze, Private collection. ©

for interesting art talking, see: AUDIO GUIDE STOP FOR SHERRIE LEVINE

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