Beauty is the sharpest tool in the box

I wrote a short note on Richard Mosse some time ago. The Enclave, as presented at Foam in Amsterdam, is the most remarkable exhibition I have seen in a very long time. Richard Mosse is showing his work all over the world, and if he turns up in a place near you – you should not miss the opportunity!


Meanwhile you can listen to this; here is Mosse talking about his own work. I found his thoughts on beauty very intriguing, worrying – but also true:


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  1. Beauty is not a tool. Beauty is not a knife.

    This is horror trying to congratulate itself for something that survives despite it, not because of it.

      • I didn’t find it beautiful. I didn’t find it art. It was just an unusual pink treatment. I thought about a woman standing at the side of the road in the video. She turns and looks at the camera. That moment was beautiful. The rest is Peptobismal.

        He is a disturbing man with a trick to share. He can call it what he likes, it doesn’t make anything than what it is a cheap trick.

        Photojournalists at least weep. And the assumption that we “have to see” is odd. Why? So we can become desensitized when there is no understanding and only a parade of horror for our eyes? We can be too clever. We must never be too clever. Art can end up eating its own head.

    • Well, this might not come as a surprise, but I really cannot support your point of view here. I went to see The Enclave at FOAM, and together with a large audience I spent hours in the installation. It’s very cinematic, very beautiful, and exceptionally well made. No cheap tricks involved. This is definitively great art.

      Have you seen the installation?

      • I appreciate the opportunity to express a different point of view! No, unfortunately I have not. I fear the short was perhaps not the best representation of the body of work but I could only comment on what I did see.

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