Field report

I live in two houses, one by the sea and another by the ocean. The one by the sea is at Hundvåg, in Stavanger, a town house in a busy neighborhood . The ocean-house is in the country side. It takes me an hour to drive from one to the other.

This week I’m by the ocean – and here are some images (unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera, so these are from my iPhone)


In the centre of this image you can spot the house, it’s almost invisible (which is the intention), built in Siberian Larch it will get more and more grey like the rocks surrounding it. The house in itself might be invisible, but the views from the house is spectacular, here is from my bedroom window looking west.


The landscape here, at the south end of Jæren, is varied; mountains to the east, rocky coast to the south, long sand beaches meeting the North Sea in the west, beaches stretching all the way from Ogna (where I am now) to Stavanger. In-between the ocean and the mountains are well tended rich and fertile agricultural land. The wind is sweeping most of the time, average temperature in July is 15°C/ 59°F. I’ve just been told that we have had the driest June in 21 years, normally it would rain quite a lot.


Despite lack of rain the forest floor still looks lush green. This is from my morning walk at 8 o’clock.


Even if it’s too cold for sunbathing, the 70 kilometers long beaches are the main attraction of the area. Some come for surfing, Hiking is highly recommendable!
2012-03-27 12.36.08
I’m already looking forward to my afternoon walk, but first there is some writing to be done …

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  1. This is so beautiful I feel compelled to write you! The landscape is so lush, not as jaggedy and scruffy as Canadian landscape. The forest floor in one photo has such long soft grass. Beautiful! And the beaches! Enjoy your time by the ocean.

    1. Sigrun says:

      Thank you! It’s so easy not to notice one’s surroundings in everyday life.

      1. Do you feel or write differently in these two different locations?

      2. Sigrun says:

        Oh, interesting – I have to think about it …

  2. KM Huber says:

    Lovely and hope the writing went well.

    1. Sigrun says:

      I think this is a challenge: to be satisfied.
      I sat down, I read, I wrote; nothing revolutionary, but I was there – .

      1. KM Huber says:

        It is for me as well, Sigrun, yet I find the fact that I was there is of some substance that is lacking when I am not.

  3. Peter says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal space with us. It gives me the feeling of a very personal impersonal sacred space.

    1. Sigrun says:

      I was a bit unsure about this post – if this was too much, too personal. Happy to hear you liked it!

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