grief and mourning


I’m living at the shore of the North Sea,



most of the year we strive to keep warm, today we had to go looking for shade – summer is visiting …

It has been, to put it mildly, one hell of a week. A dreadful decision to sell Stavanger’s most important public sculpture – Figure for Landscape by Barbara Hepworth – has kept my mind & pen busy. But profit seekers were not to be stopped, even if we were many who opposed –


– Stavanger has lost an invaluable treasure. Last Wednesday Dame Barbara Hepworth DBE’s ‘Figure for Landscape’ was sold for GBP 4,170,500 at auction at Christie’s in London.

Now, safely placed in this magical peaceful countryside, I hope to re-find my balance, to return to my life-giving reading and writing, and to continue blogging – .


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  1. beaumontjones says:

    It is very sad when public art, which is after all the patrimony of the public, is sold off for short term gain by a few people who are supposed after all to be the guardians of that patrimony. Is that the empty plinth in the photo? Perhaps some artist-anarchist can make a satirical replacement for the plinth?

    1. Sigrun says:

      An empty plinth – a sad sight…

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