Mothers by Rachel Zucker

-the body of my mother is everywhere-

Adrienne Rich

–        Matrophobia’ as the poet Lynn Sukenick has termed it, is the fear not of one’s mother or of motherhood but of becoming one’s mother. …a dread that if one relaxes one’s guard one will identify with her completely.

mother, mutter, mater, matter

Rachel Zucker

–        I should get up and make dinner. I don’t want to. Of course writing and mothering are in conflict. Always.

Adrienne Rich:

–        The woman who has felt ‘unmothered’ may seek mothers all her life—may even seek them in men.

Rachel Zucker

–        How was it that I seemed to know nothing at all about daughterhood?

The term matrophobia , introduced by poet Lynn Sukenick, was further developed by feminist maternal theorist Adrienne Rich in her 1986 work Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution .

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